The Red Hook Relationship

We combine decades of broad investment experience and successful portfolio management with data modeling and information technology to offer you clear, balanced and sound financial analysis. Our disciplined approach takes the emotion out of the investment decision.

RHM works to capture for you the returns of the capital markets by constructing a well-diversified portfolio of low-cost, tax-efficient index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), designed to help you achieve your goals.

We Learn Your Investment Preferences

We learn your investment preferences, risk tolerance, and financial aspirations. Whether you want us to restructure your existing portfolio, or build a new one, you can be as involved as you wish. Some RHM clients are investment professionals who actively engage with us almost daily, while others prefer to receive updates only on predetermined schedules. We welcome clients’ involvement and interest, and will share the breadth and depth of our expertise to whatever degree you wish with the synergistic goal of growing your portfolio and increasing your comfort with and knowledge of your financial life.

Our Interests Are Aligned With Your Interests

RHM does not receive commissions for any securities that a client invests in but rather charges a fee for assets under management. This is done so that both your and our interests are aligned in maximizing the value of your portfolio in a manner that is consistent with your risk tolerance. All of us at RHM are dedicated to providing high quality service and the utmost attention to your portfolio so that you are able to meet your investing goals.

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